Crashnauts - PC / PS4

FBR's current project

Crashnauts is a twitch based arena shooter focused on objective based game types, fluid movement and creating multiplayer mayhem on the couch.

Release Projected for 2nd quarter 2015


FBR's first game for mobile devices.

Welcome to the junkyard… Speed your way through the hazardous junkyard and make your way to the end of each track as quickly as possible. Get record times to unlock new tires, or find them hidden throughout the tracks. Once you are confident in your skills of controlling the tire, put your skills to the test in the challenge levels.

Released January 2012
Produced & Coded by: Marc Call
Art & Graphic Design by: Mike Call
Special thanks to: Nate Call & Mirinda Call

We're FUELED BY ROCKETS, an Indie game and entertainment studio based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our small team loves to create content that is original and one of a kind. We have an endless list of ideas and projects that we hope to spend most of our time presenting to the world. Shoot us an email at

Marc Call is a student that is attending college at Utah Valley University working towards a degree in Computer Science. He loves video games and has always been interested in overseeing the start and finish of great game ideas.

Mike Call is actively doing web design and illustrations for various clients. He too loves video games and adds to the creation by providing top of the line graphics and illustrations. See his work at